Bushnell Golf Brand

 Bushnell Golf Brand

In the event that you are considering top-notch technologies that will help your own golf game, after that this short article may clarify explanations, read more some golf gps reviews why you can buy the Bushnell Golf GPS. Bushnell includes a strong status with regard to production a few of the best quality GPS techniques close to plus they are presently an industry innovator with this area. Bushnell Outside Items is a good United states organization that was set up within 1947 as well as since that time they’ve received several honors for his or her high-quality items.


Why do you want to buy it?

The Bushnell Golf Brand belongs to some extra characteristics. These are given below:

  • Most of the experts select a Bushnell GPS simply because they understand that they’ll rely on the actual exceptional technologies as well as the precision of the items.
  • The actual main point that many golf players wish to know is what lengths this is towards the place exactly where they would like to property the actual golf ball.
  • Using the technologies which Bushnell utilizes within their GPS techniques with regard to golf, you could be certain of those exact and very precise dimensions.
  • An additional reason numerous golf players select Bushnell GPS products is due to the large selection of GPS techniques how the organization offers obtainable.
  • Presently there is the actual Bushnell Yardage Professional, the actual Yardage Professional Golf Pin seeker 1500 which has a built-in computation associated with a downward slope, the actual Yardage Professional Activity 450, eight hundred, Search, Tale, 1000, Top notch, as well as 1600.

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How to organize a golf tournament.

Whether you are a CEO or a professional administrative assistant, you may at some point in jour career find you have taken on the task of organizing a golf tournament.18holesforesuccess

There are various reasons for businesses to organize a golf tournament the foremost is to promote the business, encourage employees to network with clients to close that important deal, provide work incentives for employees and raise funds for charities.

Any business can organize a golf tournament, but wilt it be a first-class event that achieves its’ mandate? Golfers will return on an annual basis to participate in a successful tournament.

You must not forget the little things that will take your golf tournament to the next level. By following the guide “18 Holes to Success” your golf tournament will achieve success.

Hole #1: Purpose and Goals

A golf tournament is an ideal event to build, develop and strengthen client and employee relationships. Define your purpose and goal and make sure everyone on your committee has a clear understanding and are on the same page.

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Thinking golf tournament? Be prepared

The rules of golf allow for 14 clubs in a bag. A round is 18 holes. Pars are 3, 4 or 5. The handicaps of a four-member tournament team can range from scratch (zero) to infinity.

Given all these figures, it seems the proper course to offer a numerical checklist for planning a competitive golf outing as part of a convention, conference or trade show. Three golf professionals and a seasoned tourney planner chip in below with tips they describe as proven winners. But first, some things are almost a given:


  • I Most groups prefer a four-person scramble with teams of players graded A, B, C and D–corresponding roughly to really good, OK, hits a decent shot occasionally and plays once a year. All team members tee off, then proceed to hit the “best ball” on each hole.
  • Each team gets off to a “shotgun start,” usually at 8 a.m. or 1 p.m., by teeing off simultaneously on separate holes.
  • The tournament field is usually split into two or more “flights” after play concludes, with the first (or championship) flight consisting of the lowest-scoring teams. More flights mean more winners.
  • September and October are busy months for group tournaments. August is slow.

That said, here is your checklist courtesy of John Warburton, golf professional, Chenal Country Club, Little Rock; Cory Willett, golf professional, Stonebridge Meadows Golf Club, Fayetteville; Vicky Watkins, outing coordinator/administrative assistant, Country Club of Arkansas, Maumelle; and Chuck Goodrich, group tournament planner, Arkansas Realtors Association.

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The missing links: seven steps to planning a golf tournament

Hosting a golf tournament as part of a convention may be fun, but it also spells additional work for the planner. First-time tournament planners should remember to consult golf professionals for any doubts that may be pertinent for the tournament’s success. Golf tournaments can be successfully organized by establishing the tournament’s objective, choosing the right golf course, determining the individual abilities of the players, determining the play format, assembling teams on time, organizing contests and prizes and arranging for extras, such as refreshments and photographers.


Tack a golf tournament onto a meeting’s agenda and what have you got? Plenty of fun for the participants, and plenty of additional work for you – even if you already know the difference between a putter and a wedge.

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